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A2D have provided thousands of quality inspection reports for private homeowners and some of the leading residential developers in the country. We are passionate about achieving the best quality finishes for your construction projects and individually tailor our defect management processes to best suit your specific needs and budget. Get in touch today to receive an initial quote.

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Reliable & Honest

Fast, efficient and brutally honest, A2D has become a reputable and well-known construction inspection and aftercare management provider since 2002.

We inspect new builds, conversions and refurbishment projects on behalf of our clients, to ensure that the agreed construction details and workmanship quality has been achieved.

Our Quality Control Inspectors not only produce comprehensive snagging reports which advise you and your building contractor / developer of all defective matters present at 'Practical Completion', we also crucially highlight problems which fall below the current NHBC and Building Regulation guidelines, where often clients are unaware of the technical 'grey areas'. Our job is to make sure that all defective matters are resolved within the contracted warranty period. 

Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the passion, skill and dedication that our clients have come to enjoy and expect. Once an inspection has been completed, we will continue to support you and answer any questions in relation to our report during your building cover.

A2D also offer a wealth of architectural design solutions, with regards to both the internal and external aspects of your project. We design proposed new layouts that can be continually revised until a final design has your approval. Our use of materials and creative thinking, along with a commitment to continuously update our knowledge of the built environment, encourages us to freely seek more pioneering solutions.

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Warranty Reporting

A2D is a trusted name within the industry, offering exceptional value for money in providing this new home snagging service.

Snagging companies are accustomed to raising as many defects as possible, in order to quantify their inspection report fees. These are often exaggerated snag lists which cloud over the actual extent of the problems which can affect your new home. 

Our effective reporting not only highlights the actual problems found, we ensure that our testimony has been written in line with Building Regulation and NHBC warranty guidelines. This ensures that warranted defects are accounted and rectified by the new home builder as part of their service to you.

A dedicated Aftercare Manager will correspond directly with the home builder on your behalf, highlighting any defective matters and providing you with free continuous technical support.

Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.


Project Monitoring Service

We carry out day to day supervision of contract building works to ensure that all installations, materials and workmanship conform to contract documentation.

Interpret, anticipate and overcome any arising site issues and ensure that clear instructions to contractors are given. Recording accurately and objectively all relevant site matters, which can affect the build program and quality of new build.

With A2D on board, clients know exactly what to expect - With such busy lives, we understand the need for dedicated QA Manager's to be your 'eyes and ears', verifying systematically where their hard earned money has materialised. 

With our professional monitoring service, clients know they will receive exceptional coverage of their property assets.

Our Monitoring package rates start from £180 per day +VAT.

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Refurbishment / Permitted Development

With there being so many possibilities when exploring the various forms and styles of architectural design, we are often bombarded and confused by the vast choice on offer. Our mission at A2D is to filter through this clutter and present a clear and concise design resolution to property upgrades. We discover the possibilities of permitted development and look to revise your current spatial constraints, in order to best fit your proposed requirements.

We aim to inspire people to realise that resourceful and inventive design solutions can be achieved without the hassle of moving home.

We specialise in bringing the best out of your current situation, designing high and low spec environments to suit all pockets. We believe in embracing the spirit of innovative design solutions in conjunction with the individual’s character and personality.

Whether the property needs a face lift or a complete remodelling of the integral layout, A2D can deliver a suitable solution for your budget.

By challenging convention and looking at things from a fresh perspective we aim to provide our clients with new and aspiring building renovations. 

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Personal Defects Manager

  • Carry out comprehensive and detailed inspections to properties to diagnose maintenance issues and build defects.

  • Assign and manage the relevant contractual responsibilities in order to confirm a high level of build quality during installation.

  • Train and manage Customer Service administration staff, to ensure that the department effectively implements the company service policies and procedures.

  • Quality control checks on contracted remedial work, to ensure that the client achieves value for money.

  • Analyse and report on property conditions to provide up-to-date preservation reports, which ultimately will reduce any future long term maintenance costs.

  • Attend Resolution meetings to ensure prompt conclusion of any works deemed necessary.

Our Personal Defects Manager rates start from £250 per day +VAT.

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We are simply passionate and mad about architectural design and can transform any home interior.

Are you tired of your current interior? Does it really maximise the value of your property, considering modern design does not have to cost the earth? 

Accordingly to each scenario, A2D believes in following 8 basic principles in order to formulate a template of controlled design:

  1. Simplicity

  2. Aesthetics

  3. Direction

  4. Form

  5. Function

  6. Harmony

  7. Contrast

  8. Affordability



Inspection / Snagging Reports

Like diamonds, we value your property as precious assets and strive to ensure  our service epitomises exceptional value for money.

All reports will be received within two working days after the appointed inspection date and discounted rates will be also be offered for multiple same day / same postcode locations.

  • 1 bedroom studio                 £200.00 inc vat *

  • 1 bedroom apt                      £230.00 inc vat *

  • 2 bedroom apt                      £265.00 inc vat *

  • 3 bedroom apt                      £295.00 inc vat *

  • 2 bedroom house                  £320.00 inc vat *

  • 3 bedroom house                  £350.00 inc vat *

  • 4 bedroom house                  £400.00 inc vat *

  • 5 bedroom house                  £450.00 inc vat *

In addition to the above prices, we offer a bumper package, where two inspection visits can be arranged, in order to review and de-snag the properties in question. This also includes any written correspondence throughout the home builders warranty period in relation to your inspection reports. 

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your personal requirements and our flexible price options.

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I worked closely with the QA Manager Martin Roberts in managing the defects from start to finish and making sure communication with residents was there every step of the way. Martin was very proactive in dealing with any contractual issues that may occur during the build and always kept both customers and clients within the loop, effectively balancing both the business interests and customers’ demands.

Yasin Rahman

Lead Customer Relationship Executive

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He is very knowledgeable about new build technical requirements and demonstrated the ability to liaise with both site staff and sub-contractors to affect any necessary remedial works that he identified.

He demonstrated the ability to explain to purchasers what remedial works he was going to arrange and more importantly, explain to purchasers reasons why some requests did not fall within the scope of the properties warranty. Martin was then able to support his dealings with customers with well-constructed correspondences’.

Phil Monahan

Head of Customer Services.

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